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"Couldn't ask for better people, they are all friendly. After 30 years of business I will continue another 30 years." -Arleda

"We have used Four Star Drug and each pharmacist has been very valuable to us for at least 25 years as we have had various needs for pharmaceutical products, so that in itself is the testimonial." -Sally

"I prefer a smaller place where you have access to the pharmacist. I've not had good luck when I have gone to grocery store type chains or the large department store chains so that's why I choose Four Star Drug." -Susan

"I am very happy through the years with the prompt service especially at the pharmacy and the staff is very friendly and helpful" -Lila

"I have shopped at Four Star Drug for many years. I find the pharmacists to be very knowledgeable and very helpful they answer questions when you have them and always seem to have time for you. I appreciate doing business with them and hope to continue to do so in the future" -Mary

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