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Adherence Programs

Adherence Initiative Programs

Automatic Rx Refills:

Four Star Drug will automatically refill the prescriptions you designate based on the day supply. When you are getting low,                                        know Four Star Drug will have your prescription ready for you at the pickup counter without having to call it in.This program                                      helps promote prescription compliance and adherence. 

Rx Synchronization:

Like the idea of making one trip to the pharmacy? Yes, picking up your prescriptions can be as easy as one trip. Four Star Drug's pharmacy staff will work with you to get your prescriptions synchronized. You will have a designated day each month that your prescriptions will be dispensed and ready for you to pick up. This program not only has the benefits of medication adherence, it saves you time and the hassle of making multiple trips and calls to the pharmacy.

                                                         Text Notification:

                                                                                                              Four Star Drug will notify you via text message when your prescriptions are ready.

                                                          Email Notification:

                                                                                                                 Four Star Drug will notify you via E-Mail that your prescriptions are ready.

                              Stop by any of our three locations and sign up for these                                                amazing adherence programs along with our notification services!                      Our pharmacy service is now even more convenient for you!