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Lincoln, NE – The owner of a recently-closed pharmacy is taking steps to minimize the effect of an event that occurred last month in which a limited amount of health information in paper documents was inadvertently thrown away without being shredded. The event occurred between August 27 and August 30, 2016, at the now-closed Four Star Drug Bethany location, 1340 N. 66th Street in Lincoln, and was discovered on August 30th.  Upon discovery the owner immediately took all steps possible to limit the potential impact.

The information in question was inadvertently left outside the building in boxes along with other boxes of non-sensitive information.  Not included in the boxes was any information relating to in-store clients and customers or information relating to any client or transaction from the fall of 2010 or later.  That information is still being securely stored, was already shredded or was transferred to another pharmacy.  The owner determined the information in the boxes was limited to some clients who were residents at long-term health care facilities between 2006 and spring of 2010.  Possibly included in the documents were names, dates of birth, addresses, prescription information and in rare cases social security numbers or health insurance information.  No digital files are at issue.  Every effort has been made to notify such residents, or their families if applicable.  While it is not believed financial information was included in the boxes, the notified individuals and families were encouraged to monitor insurance statements and check credit reports at

The documents were picked up by a truck before the owner was aware of the nature of the documents.  The store owner subsequently contacted the truck owner in an effort to recover the documents.  The store owner was told the documents were delivered to a recycling plant, where they were already pulverized, dumped in a large container, and bound together to be reduced to pulp by drenching in water as part of the recycling process or disposed in the local landfill.  For further information contact the addresses above.

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